Kazumi Nakano


1823 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: 312.388.0907
Fax: 312.326.7911
Email: kazumi@century21.com
Website: http://www.century21sgr.com
Additional Languages Spoken: Japanese

Kazumi Nakano is a native of Japan, having been born and raised in Kyoto—Japan’s cultural and religious center. Kazumi completed her elementary through university education in Japan. Her true love has always centered on the aesthetic. This value, this passion has guided her education and career choices. Formally trained in design and space planning at Saga Art School, where she earned her BA, Kazumi has been engaged in design projects as varied as roof top decks to high-rise residential lobby design to elegant Japanese gardens to the staging of numerous homes and models.

Before emigrating to the United States, Kazumi worked as an interior designer for Panasonic, specialising in the design of custom kitchens and baths for new homes and condos.She came to the United States to expand her design background and experience a heterogeneous culture-one radically different from her own.

With her extensive knowledge of design and accompanying experience working with architects, developers, builders, and homeowners, Kazumi seamlessly transitioned into a career in real estate in the United States. At first she concentrated on helping newly arrived immigrants navigate the complex world of real estate and finance in the United States. In recent years Kazumi has expanded her business to a myriad of buyers and sellers looking for someone with focused energy, intense honesty, and creative ideas. Her ability to see space has helped countless sellers stage their home for a successful sale. Likewise, this same skill has helped her assist many buyers make wise purchase decisions that fitted their lifestyle needs.

In all her associations-design, real estate, and otherwise-Kazumi seeks a clarity and unity of intent. She must know that she can help her clients achieve their desired goals. If any doubt or ambiguity exist in her mind, she doesn’t hesitate to recommend someone else. In all things Kazumi seeks balance and harmony-with nature, clients, and life.

If you are searching for a creative mind with a superb knowledge of real estate and an unequivocal standard of honesty and integrity, Kazumi Nakano is someone you need to know.

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