Alex Manwell

Alex has always loved real estate. As a kid in Saginaw, Michigan, he would bike around different neighborhoods appreciating different types of architecture. By middle school he was circling newspaper listings for good deals on beautiful homes, lobbying his parents to buy one. As a high school freshman he finally succeeded: his mom and dad scooped up a below-market gem, effectively becoming his first “clients.”

Prior to real estate, Alex worked as a civil engineer on large-scale industrial re-development projects. He then became an expert in commercial property valuation, with a focus on industrial machinery, equipment, and real estate. Most recently he’s worked as a consultant, traveling extensively throughout the United States and abroad appraising billions of dollars worth of property for corporate clients.

Alex enjoys bringing order, guidance, and fun to the creative process. In college he was a stage manager for the Gilbert & Sullivan society and co-directed other student productions. Ever the realtor, he also worked as a residential leasing agent and for a commercial real estate brokerage in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. Following graduation, he moved to Detroit, where he helped open the city’s first non-profit youth hostel, Hostel Detroit.

Alex’s strengths are his outgoing personality, his love of real estate, and his technical expertise recognizing hidden value. Above all, he focuses on educating his clients on the transactional process. Whether you’re an investor or a first-time buyer, Alex is a savvy and knowledgeable guide who will help you get what you want.

Alex lives in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. He also owns and manages a 3-unit residential building in Evanston. In his free time he enjoys yoga, stand-up comedy, playing guitar, and volunteering for LGBTQ nonprofits. He has a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Alex Manwell
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